Aesthetics Sub Committee

Aesthetics Sub Committee Inaugural Meeting will be held at the Loft, Knysna Yacht Club on Wednesday the 29th of November at 5pm
The Aesthetics of our town have been a point of much discussion for a while. The newly elected Knysna Ratepayers Association Committee have identified this as one of the areas that is a major concern to all residents.
Sam Lurie will be heading up a sub committee/ input group to look at the issues in our town and discussing possible workable solutions.
There are a lot of people passionate about Knysna and this energy is what is needed to take us forward.
Please join us at the first meeting to informally discuss issues and be part of creating and forming this group. The more input we have, the more proactive we can be.
Please encourage as many of our residents from all Wards to attend. RSVP: