KRA objects to intended Cllrs salary hikes

The KRA committee is objecting to the intended increases in salary for members of the council. The KRA has sent the following via email to the Mayor and Speaker ahead of tomorrow’s meeting.

“The Knysna Ratepayers Association strongly opposes any increase in Councillors’ remuneration.

Despite repeated warnings from the Technical Services Department, Council have failed miserably to allocate sufficient funds to maintain Knysna’s infrastructure over a period of many years. The results are making themselves felt more and more each year, adversely impacting our local tourist industry, and the supply of basic services to residents. This lack of foresight should not be rewarded. Council must first demonstrate that it is capable of allocating substantial sums for the replacement of obsolete water pipes in the CBD and other heavily impacted areas, upgrading roads to compensate for a decades-long lack of funding for maintenance, and addressing the pressing problem of inadequate waste water treatment facilities and leaking sewage pipes. Then, and only then, should Council even consider increasing Councillors’ remuneration.

Kind regards,

The Committee”

You are urged to attend the council meeting to be held tomorrow (25th January 2018).