Finance and Governance section 80 on 8 Feb 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday 8th February at 9am, the Finance and Governance section 80 committee meeting will be held in Council Chambers, Clyde Street. The agenda, which is in four parts, can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.…/…/2016/09/Age-8-Feb-18-Part-1.pdf…/…/2016/09/Age-8-Feb-18-Part-2.pdf…/…/2016/09/Age-8-Feb-18-Part-3.pdf…/uploa…/2016/09/Suppl-8-Feb-18.pdf

Items of particular interest to Knysna residents and ratepayers may include item 6.6 on claims against Eden District Municipality and Knysna Municipality in connection with the fires of 7 June, and item 6.7, which is a report on the review of the Rates By-law.