Cllr Meyrs to face disciplinary hearing

The matter of the Code of Conduct disciplinary proceeding of Ward 10 Councillor Peter Myers is on page 152 of the agenda for this Friday’s Special Council Meeting (23 March 2018). The recommendation of the Speaker is that the “allegations of breach of the Code of Conduct for Councillors levelled against Cllr Peter Myers be referred to Council`s Disciplinary Committee to proceed with the matter as provided for in Section 14(1)(b)(i)(ii) of the Code” and that a councillor “be appointed as the Chairperson of the Discplinary (sic) Committee for the progress of the hearing mentioned in [a] above because Cllr. Myers must excuse himself from said Committee.”
Myers was appointed chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee last August, but had to recuse himself from the committee since he could not, of course, judge his own proceeding.

Once a chairperson has been appointed, the KRA will lodge a submission with him or her requesting that the proceedings be open to the public. We believe that allegations of misconduct by councillors is too important a matter to be judged in secret. His hearing is to be preceded by the disciplinary hearing of Councillor Velile Waxa, reported by us on this page last Friday.
Councillor Myers is a DA Councillor.

We assume that a councillor will be appointed as chairperson of the disciplinary committee at this Friday’s meeting.


The KRA is not at this point commenting on the complaints against Councillor Myers, which are a matter of public record, or on the merits of the case. For us, the threshold issue is transparency: these proceedings must be open to the public so that the public can witness how justice is administered by the Disciplinary Committee, and form their own opinion.

According to the agenda of the Special Council Meeting to be held on 23 March 2018:
“The following complaints against Cllr Myers was lodged to (sic) the Speaker`s office.
It is alleged that Cllr Myers, disclosed privileged and confidential information which he was in possession of relating to the long list of applicants for the positions of Director Community Services and Director: Corporate Services.
The complainant alleges that Cllr Myers through his actions, compromised the recruitment and selection process and breached Sections 2 and 10 of the Code of Conduct for Councillors.
Second complaint relates to statements made by Cllr Myers during an ordinary meeting of Council 2017.
The complainant allege that Cllr Myers abused his position in the Council to create division and strife thus breaching Section 2 of the Code of Conduct for Councillors.
The complaint relates to statements made and the general conduct of Cllr Myers during an ordinary meeting of Council held on the 2017.
Councillor Myers displayed conduct unbecoming of a public representative and councillor serving the town of Knysna.
The complainant alleges that the councillor breached section 2 of the Code of Conduct for Councillors relating to the general conduct of Councillors.
The Speaker has made a determination, that on reasonable suspicion, she is of the opinion that a provision of this Code has been breached.
The office of the Speaker provided Cllr Myers with a reasonable opportunity to reply in writing to the alleged breach. Cllr Myers provided detailed responses to the allegations.”
Friday’s Special Council Meeting is open to the public, and all are urged to attend. The meeting begins at 9 am, in Council Chambers, Clyde Street. The agenda can be downloaded here:…/…/2014/10/Spec_Age_23_Marc_18.pdf