In a strong show of support for recently-elected Executive Mayor Mark Willemse, a majority of councillors stayed away from Wednesday morning’s Ordinary Council Meeting. The meeting agenda included a motion of no confidence (“MONC”) in the Mayor. By staying away, the councilors denied the meeting a quorum, and it was called off. The meeting is now scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday, 2 July, at which time the invertebrate DA rump caucus will probably again try (and fail) to reverse Willemse’s election a scant three weeks ago.

Heeding the demands of their masters in Cape Town, the cohort of local DA “bittereinders” and their dwindling coalition made a very poor showing, leaving ousted mayor Eleanor Bouw-Spies to sit in her usual “mayor’s seat” at the midpoint of the semicircle, and neglecting to place the “Executive Mayor” name plate by Mayor Willemse’s place. Or, in the words of the Scottish proverb:

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches, I’d wear one by my side.

It can’t be easy having to constantly look over one’s shoulder whilst standing on one foot, and dipping a toe on the other foot into the water to determine when it will be safe to make a leap that should have been made weeks ago. Although we sympathise, our patience has its limits. The longer the strange combination of political neophytes and accomplished politicians that make up the Bouw-Spies cabal refuse to work with the new mayor, the longer it will take to tackle our town’s problems, and the dimmer their prospects of re-election will become. Residents are watching carefully—and residents have long memories.

(We should point out, for the record, that that the original MONC failed to satisfy the notice requirements for the council meeting of 25 June, because it was notified to the Speaker less than the required six business days prior to the date of that meeting. Rescheduling the meeting to 27 June of course failed to cure the defective notice, and rescheduling the 27 June meeting to 2 July will not cure the defect either. Once notice is defective, it is always defective, unless and until a new notice is given. Our oblivious Speaker appears to be unconcerned by this blatant violation of the rules.)