Waste Water Treatment

For many years, Knysna residents have been aware of the danger we pose to our estuary. Needless to say, without the Knysna Lagoon, Knysna would simply not be Knysna.
Please have a look at the attached Pdf documents for an understanding of the problem and the urgency required to sort it out.
Share this information, please. Make it your consciousness-raising exercise to muster up awareness and support to reduce estuarial pollution. This is a key issue for Knysna and needs to be hammered at continually to get Council support and funding for these efforts.

The first and second sheets show e.coli samples from the Knysna estuary channel 2009 to present, while the third sheet is a graph of e.coli samples taken at the 14 regular estuarine shoreline sampling sites this year.

Results Updated 24 November 2017 1

Results Updated 24 November 2017 2

Results Updated 24 November 2017 3

The graphs bring home the scope of the problem we face.